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Top 10 Worst Things Naruto Has Ever Done

Top 10 Worst Things Naruto Has Ever Done
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The star of this legendary Ninja Shounen anime has made a few bad decisions down the line – and some are harder to forgive than others. Ashley’s going to be looking at everything from the Naruto franchise including Naruto Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and focusing on things like Naruto neglecting his family, not turning up to his daughter, Himawari’s birthday, his obsession with his friend turned enemy turned rival Sasuke Uchiha, and of course making friends with the likes of Otobi and the Nine-Tailed Fox.

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#10. Vandalizing Hokage Rock
#9. Not Telling Konohamaru His Student is Orochimaru’s Son
#8. Stealing a Forbidden Scroll
#7. Teaching Sexy Jutsu to a Kid
#6. It Took Abduction For Him to Understand Romantic Love
#5. Impersonating Sasuke to Get Sakura to Kiss Him
#4. Humiliating His Son in Front of Everyone
#3. Making Friends with Those Who Killed His Parents
#2. His Obsession with Sasuke
#1. Neglecting His Family

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  1. one for all full cowling

    Why is this video on YouTube?

  2. He was being a good father and a good leader of his village. He was proud of boruto until he saw him use ninja tool so it was a obvious reaction. Boruto was cheating from the start of the exam, what if he was never caught. There were others(other contestants)who boruto defeated by cheating so they deserved the truth. You know you would have placed him in your stupid list even if he did what you wanted him to do and you would have said that he didn’t point out boruto for his mistake you guys are stupid you know you are making content out of bullshit. Any good father would do what he did

  3. You’ve obviously never watched or read Naruto if you question why he forgave Kurama, Obito, and Sauske. That’s the whole point of his character….

  4. Such a weak list.

  5. even though he achieved his dream and all, he let the whole hokage thing get to his head.

  6. Seriously? you’re counting the bad things Naruto did as a freakin KID the worst things? Also this list proves these people never watched the anime.

  7. Running out of ideas guys a lot of these are pretty big stretches

  8. Dude his dedication to sasuke was. Important in the set of events that led up to them beating the main boss at the end of shippuden. It was most likely the best thing he did in the show.

  9. Neglecting REALLY which good main character in a shonen anime has ever had good parents or guardians

  10. Humiliating boruto in front of everyone? No no, boruto humiliated naruto in front of everyone. He’s literally the son of a hokage and CHEATS just so he can win because he couldn’t have won otherwise. This wasn’t him being a bad person, it was him being a good parent

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