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Top 10 Worst Movies by Saturday Night Live Stars

Top 10 Worst Movies by Saturday Night Live Stars

They were hilarious and had us laughing on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, but when it came to making movies, these comedians and stars made these movies that turned out to be duds. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Worst Movies Featuring Saturday Night Live Stars. But which tops our list for the worst of the worst? It’s Pat featuring Julia Sweeney? Eddie Murphy’s awful The Adventures of Pluto Nash, or Adam Sandler’s terrible Jack and Jill? Watch to find out!

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00:49 #10. “Taxi” (2004)
01:51 #9. “Cop Out” (2010)
02:51 #8. “Joe Dirt” (2001)
03:48 #7. “Norbit” (2007)
04:50 #6. “The Ladies Man” (2000)
06:00 #5. “The Love Guru” (2008)
07:02 #4. “The Master of Disguise” (2002)
08:01 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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  1. The Ladies Man is a classic!

  2. Master of Disguise was absolutely wretched.

  3. How does norbit keep getting put on these list? That movie is hilarious

  4. Hm, I feel like I’m the only person that liked Jack and Jill

  5. You put Joe Dirt on the list? That movie was a classic! Really stupid of
    you mojo. You forgot the 2, after Joe Dirt. ….Thats it.

  6. i for one loved norbit when i was younger.

  7. If you grew up in the great plains or mountain west of the United States,
    than Joe Dirt has a certain charm and authentic satirical appeal to it. I
    met plenty of characters growing up, who were just like Joe Dirt. It’s fun
    movie, I can’t imagine it belongs in the top ten of the worst, or maybe I’m
    just biased. lol

  8. Norbit was freaken hilarious

  9. where the fuck was ghostbusters

  10. what?!!! ghost busters 2016 aint on this list

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