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Top 10 Video Games that Were Banned

Top 10 Video Games that Were Banned

Outlawed! Removed from shelves! Taken out of the stores! Banned by whole countries! Made illegal by governments! Pearl clutchingly explicit! Whether it was for violence, sex, swearing or just public decency, is counting them down in the Top 10 BANNED Video Games!

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00:29 #10. “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2” (2007)
01:29 #9. “Homefront” (2011)
02:23 #8. “Football Manager 2005” (2004)
03:07 #7. “Grand Theft Auto” franchise (1997)
04:01 #6. “EA Sports MMA” (2010)
04:52 #5. “Battlefield & 4″ (2011/13)
05:45 #4. “The Guy Game” (2004)
06:40 #3, #2 & #1: ?????

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  1. the ban on MMA here in Denmark has been pulled, as well as the ban on
    energy drinks

  2. 4.45 unless they want MMA go get to Lithuania 😀 wow never thought that
    somebody would try to get some kinda game in my country XD

  3. Fuck Islam mother fuck the fake profit Mohamed tell him to get down on his
    knees and start sucking lol 😂 lol 😂 Muslims smell each others beards to
    verify what cave they come from.

  4. hmmm i am looking for the first one of this video but it was cool 😀 oh yes
    like saints row over GTA

  5. Found manhunt 2 ao copy on amazon for $15. I didnt need any luck at all.

  6. football manager was right: Taiwan IS a country

  7. I Didnt know Far Cry 3 Was Banned In Indonesia

  8. TheDiscipleofSlash

    What the fuck is the point of Manhunt 2?? That shit is disgusting! Why does
    it have to go to the extreme?

  9. Loved manhunt

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