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Top 10 Times David Blaine Freaked Out Celebrities

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David Blaine could be called many things: a magician, illusionist, or simply just a weirdo. But what’s more entertaining than watching his tricks, is watching the reactions to his tricks from celebrities; some of which, get directly involved by helping David Blaine pull coat hangers through his throat, sew his mouth shut, sticking ice picks through his body, etc.etc. All in a days work for this magician-illusionist-weirdo!

00:38 #10. Slicing an Orange for Harrison Ford
01:24 #9. Playing Mind Tricks on Jamie Foxx
02:18 #8. Pushing an Ice Pick Through His Hand with Kanye West
03:15 #7. Sewing His Mouth Shut for Macklemore
04:05 #6. Producing Frogs from Within for Dave Chappelle, Drake & Stephen Curry
05:06 #5. Showing His Ice Pick Trick to Jada Pinkett Smith
05:53 #4. Getting a Coat Hanger Pulled from His Throat by Margot Robbie
06:39 #3, #2, #1. ???

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  1. Nordinarensvenne

    All this talk of magic and illusions.. This guy is just a complete beast when it comes to training his own body. That’s like the Daid Blaine trademark.

  2. WARNING: Do not watch David Blaine on a full stomach.

  3. …and they’re ACTORS! It’s FAKE!

  4. TheLastButtholeDragon

    They really love that ice pick trick of his don’t they?

  5. who’s the chick in the second at 2:02?

  6. blank Explained

    everytime i hear david blaine, i hear twaaaaaaaa and cartman trying to drown himself

  7. Top 10 Celebrities who is too easy to make fun of

  8. hey ive got a great idea for this absolutely crap chanel announce each clip and than shut the fuck up because people want to watch each clip and see whats going on not hear a retarded bitch speaking

  9. Connor Sheridan

    LOL All I can think about is, thoselilabbits!!

  10. You need to talk less and show the video!

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