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Top 10 Scary Common Nightmares

Top 10 Scary Common Nightmares
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Top 10 Frozen 2 Fan Theories

Welcome back everyone to a very special video because I am joined today by Jocelyn! Now, Jocelyn is actually the host of one of our brand new sister channels: Top 10: Beyond the Screen! It’s going to be your one stop shop for all things movies, TV and Hollywood. Jocelyn is something of an expert from what I’ve heard – at least compared to me – can you give everyone a teaser of what’s to come over there?

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  1. The Illuminati Foundation

    Yeah I had a dream where I was being chased by the Hutt Cartel

  2. over the past year i would say i have had about 40 or 50 nightmares of being attacked by a bear or a few bears , mostly it is just one bear , they all have been scary as hell !!

  3. Please do Pennsylvania urban leagonds

  4. The song in the end was messed up lol

  5. I had a weird dream of being sacrificed at the alter lol

  6. JustAnotherRandomIdiot

    I have dreams about my friends being chased by something, not me.

  7. I also had a dream when I was falling of a giant building

  8. I had a dream when I was in the middle of a jungle and there was a big broken building and then there was there girl from the ring but she became my friend and she killed people

    Yes that was dark but real lol

  9. You want number 1 has to be dreaming about scary stuff no really

  10. I have a nightmare were i get murdered or my family do it feels so real .

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