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Top 10 Brilliant Robberies Caught On Tape

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! I think we can all agree that robberies are a bad thing and that anyone caught stealing should be arrested and sentenced for their crime. But, every now and then there’s a robbery caught on camera that’s just so brilliant, we can’t help but root for the bad guys! And that’s exactly what today’s video is about – the top ten most brilliant robberies caught on camera.

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  1. I liked this in the first 15 seconds!! Hah great narrative

  2. This is perhaps one of the few truly messed up videos from you guys. You are giving potential robbers who watch your videos a lot of ideas. Lol!

  3. Hi Jimmy What’s up!

  4. I wish there was some way we could petition to have YouTube consider you for trending, or something. You guys all do amazing work, snd this is by far one of the best top 10 channels out there. It NEEDS more recognition and support so you aren’t forced to shut down one day.

  5. Of all the things one could steal. why a cow ? 🐄 Did they forget to buy milk ?

  6. G’stuff!

  7. Payday 2 anyone?

  8. What’s even more interesting about the helicopter heist is that they planted fake bombs at the nearest police station with helicopters which slowed down the helicopter search by hours, caltrops had been strewn about the area around the cash depot too.

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