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Top 10 Animals Attacking Humans Caught On Tape

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! Wild animals are exactly that: wild. They possess a power unmatched by humans, and they can quickly turn on you if you let your guard down for just a second. Which is what we’ll be covering today – a list of ten animals attacking humans caught on tape. It goes without saying that some of the clips in this video are graphic in nature, so viewer discretion is advised.

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  1. Tillikum had killed two other keepers before she was put down. the poor thing should never been performing when her baseline behavior escalated.

  2. Commenting because of the vote.people are silly no doubt, and have no right breaking into a zoo enclosure anymore than my home, but I don’t think anyone “deserves”to be attacked by animals, wild or domestic, or people, sometimes my initial reaction is different, but that’s true about lots of things. On the other hand, if someone is attacked because he’s in an area he shouldn’t be and the animal should , the animal shouldn’t be put down or punished. Surprised how many say yeah screw em they deserved it, what if that one member of the family, the black sheep, always in trouble, stupidly tries to steal a chimp while drinking etc etc the chimps maul and kill him. Eh, I didn’t like uncle Jack any damn way. Good riddance. Really?

  3. OMG!!!! Was my running commentary as I watched this horrifying, video!??????

  4. i face palmed myself on the last clip…idiots!

  5. A common factor in animal attacks like the Polar bear…..it was an Australian…

  6. Can’t sospact what animals do now days

  7. I agree they were very very stupid in deed and they got what they deserved

  8. Moral of the story: Humans are weak compared to other animals, so don’t go wandering around wildlife because sooner or later you’re gonna get eaten

  9. Getting mauled by a lion hmm ill just sit here a tape

  10. As expected, most of the attacks were because of humans doing really moronic stuff.

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