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This Is Why Marvel’s Netflix Shows Failed

This Is Why Marvel’s Netflix Shows Failed
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All good things must come to end, but sometimes… we really wish they wouldn’t. Welcome to WatchMojo, and with the recent cancellations of Netflix shows like Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, we’re looking at the life and death of the Netflix-Marvel television universe. This collection of interconnected series, much like its big screen counterpart, did something unprecedented in its own medium. Whereas the core MCU continues to dominate the box office, this remarkable chapter in streaming service history has seemingly come to an end. With the entire slate of shows now officially canceled, we wanted to take this opportunity to review and celebrate its successes, while also taking a deeper look into where it all went wrong, as well as its ultimate cause of death.

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  1. Netflix wrote the script for this video.

  2. For the umpteenth time, there is no Marvel Netflix Television Universe. It’s all part of Earth-199999 better known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  3. I know it’s not Netflix owned but what about Cloak and Dagger? That still has a season 2 and nothing has been said about it’s cancellation. No one has shone light onto the show.

  4. This is bullshit I love the entire Marvel Netflix universe, the cancellation is absolutely one of the stupidest decisions ever in the history in the entertainment business. Their’s so much great material and potential for future installments in the franchise that has now officially gone to f****** waste smh, quite disgusting honestly.

  5. The only problem I had with the shows is that they are too grounded. We never got to see the dragon in Iron Fist and we never got to see Jessica Jones take flight (and fail horribly at it) because they were being cheap with the budget

  6. Gritty, grounded, relatable superheroes. You can’t see the innate contradiction here, WatchMojo?

  7. As Alachia Queen pointed out in her review of Iron Fist S2, it was a SJW redemption arc and an apology to those who complained about Danny Rand’s being white (and espousing Eastern philosophy). WHO CARES?!

    Historically, in the comics, Danny Rand was white; the showrunners were adapting the source material. I can understand the yearning for an Asian actor to be the Iron Fist, but the success of a show shouldn’t depend on the pandering to a certain demographic that doesn’t care about the mythos of the comics in the first place ?

  8. Talion Gravewalker

    This is why WatchMojo videos failed

  9. Will someone please tell me what was so good about Jessica Jones? That show was awful. It was so fucking boring. Also please tell me what was so bad about Iron Fist? That show was actually really good.

  10. Um, this is all bullshit. Netflix didn’t want to pay Disney’s prices and they opted for cheaper independent comic properties like Umbrella Academy instead. Which, I don’t really blame Netflix. Just don’t say people got sick of the Netflix Marvelverse because they’re not true, especially after DD Season 3.

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