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Another Top 10 Shocking Video Game Controversies

Another Top 10 Shocking Video Game Controversies

Scandal. Drama. Sh*tstorm. Controversy. Debacle. Call them what you want, you can’t say that they didn’t have a huge impact on the video game industry and press as a whole. People were fired, angry articles were written, video game journalism & ethics were called into question. But man was it fun to watch the fireworks fly! Welcome to and today we’re counting down Another of the Top 10 Video Game Controversies!

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00:34 #10: Bully (the game)
01:47 #9: Jim Sterling VS Digital Homicide
03:13 #8: Paying for User-Created Mods
04:32 #7: Xbox One’s DRM Policies (Before Release)
05:24 #6: Nintendo’s Partner Program
06:48 #5: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Brand Deal
08:16 #4: No Man’s Sky’s Marketing/Release
09:30 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. No GamerGate?
    C’mon guys, its a shit topic I know, but don’t be pussies!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! when he says its like dark souls.

  3. paying for positive reviews is common in Hollywood, that’s why Force
    Awakens got universal praise immediately upon release, then mixed reviews
    as the months went on.

  4. ARC Survival Evolved should have been on this list. A game in early access
    releasing paid dlc. The Division down grade in content from trailers and

  5. How about the time SONY tried to copyright the gameplay youtube videos.

  6. Isn’t Bully about STOPPING bullies?

  7. #FucKonami

  8. Just gimme my $200

    *You covered ReviewTechUSA on paid mods but not him stealing Queso Grande’s
    2OO pesos?*
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  9. Did you really just use ReviewTechUSA as a source?

    *RIP: Your Credibility*
    *Jan 25, 2007 – Dec 10, 2016*

  10. TheLuisberg Top Commentor

    I agree with this list. Konami literally cancelled what would’ve been a
    very good comeback for Silent Hill. That was like throwing a perfectly good
    pineapple cake, freshly made and smelling great down on the ground.

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