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10 Weird Body Transplants

Science can do some pretty amazing things. But it can also do some pretty creepy, disturbing , and downright odd things. Here are 10 Weird Body Transplants that you can’t look away from…

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  1. Could you feature also facts about spy agencies in the world ? im curious about them

  2. i don’t think a lot of those body transplants were that bad since, some of them were necessary.

  3. Head transplant… I hope it goes well for the 31 year old guy 😞

  4. 4:30 no one wants to see that

  5. acegirlinastraightworld

    Uh, a spousal stool transplant actually did happen on Grey’s Anatomy.

  6. Pat Shoop…
    Swap the first sounds of each word…

    Shat Poop…

  7. O.A sis Mapping

    WTF why a NEW HEAD?!!! He’s 100% crazy!

  8. STAR WARS!yes!!!i love it.except i love the sith.jedis are too peaceful

  9. Karen Antonich

    That is so bizarre… so Frankenstein like !!

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