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10 Ways Your Mind Plays Tricks On You

“In this interactive Alltime 10s episode, we delve into ways that your brain plays tricks on you… from finding faces in things and being totally oblivious to changes made right in front of you, to creating false memories and even tricking you into thinking that a rubber hand could be your own.

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  1. My mind doesn’t play tricks, it knows what I want to see 😉

  2. AI is gonna kill us all….you just watch!

  3. everyone seeing female crotch on the thumbnail while I’m here seeing two

  4. Y'ra Exal'ga S'kgs

    If you eat so much to the point where you feel physically uncomfortable and
    STILL eat dessert, you might be fat or addicted to food. Anyway you look at
    it you’re still a little piggy who needs to do 20 tubby-tubby’s

  5. Am I the only one who saw a lamp in the thumbnail?

  6. 1:16 what is this cuban english

  7. What if all the info in this video was just our brain screwing with us????
    I mean research done by other scientist required their brain so….

  8. guys Spotify has HUMAN LISTENERS! wow

  9. idgaf what anybody else says, that damn dress is white & gold.

  10. Đ àwèšömė Ĺèë

    I saw a lamp.

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