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10 Most Dangerous Criminals On Earth

There are plenty of law-breakers in the world, but these guys are the worst of the worst. From hidden warlords to king of the South African prisons system, these are the 10 Most Dangerous Criminals on Earth

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  1. NoroupstudiosMC

    My right ear

  2. TheGoldenGamer / TG2

    You’re not a Muslim if you kill people like Isis, so please stop naming Isis Muslims, it encourages people to being Racist.

  3. thats fucking shit list, the most dangerous criminals are the multi billionaire psychopaths running this world and shaping the minds from israel through absolute control of usa gov

  4. Why aren’t the Clintons on this? They’ve killed and raped plenty

  5. a tad rubbishy…the only interesting piece was 04:59 pic of the missing nuclear munitions) apparently General Lebed (of the day) found over 35 were ‘missing from the inventory’ …some sources say they are safely in place ‘where needed’ …like London, Washington, New York etc etc…so the rumour goes…..)

    we can only hope.

  6. Forgot to include Trump.

  7. Juan Angel Diaz

    CIA is the head of Isis lol

  8. and here I am worried bout bloods and crips

  9. i rob some body

  10. Grapefruit Simmons

    first female druglord? niggas clearly never heard of Griselda Blanco

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