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10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught on Camera

Welcome to Top10Archive! It seems all we ever hear about is how terrible the world outside is. In fact, if you scour through YouTube comments or any Internet forum, you’ll find that acts or even words of kindness come few and far between. So who can blame us for wanting to put the spotlight on these Top 10 heartwarming acts of kindness caught on video?

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10. One Last Shot
9. Making a Youngen’s Day
8. Shirt Off Your Back
7. The Cost of Kindness
6. The Ultimate Act of Sportsmanship
5. The Other Side of the Law
4. Christmas Surprises
3. The Two-Way Street
2. The Power of Many
1. Friendly Support


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  1. This video put my faith back in humanity. Kindess is very very rare in the
    world everyone now is selfish and very few kind people. “the world is bad
    not because of those who do evil but the the people who look on and do
    nothing” – Albert Einstein

  2. People how disliked, shame on you

  3. Plz do more of these. This is a refreshing story of humanity. ✌💖

  4. Instead of making America great again they should make America kind again.
    So much trouble and pain and suffering would be spared.

  5. I liked the ending! You have a nice singing voice

    SINGING ^^ (mind the caps) Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)

  7. I thought number 3 was fake? But number 1… wtf school!?

  8. Damn onion ninjas up in here!

  9. Cool video👏 also I loved the outro😂😂

  10. The Anti PC Parrot

    #1 they voted 3 – 1!?!?!??! alright who was the heartless bastard that
    voted against it!? i hope whoever it was gets cancer!

    on another note my mom is always trying to help people and i feel bad
    because i have to be the guy that stops her sometimes. we live in
    California so we see alot of homeless people on the streets and my mom
    always wants to stop and give them money. i have to tell her though that
    you dont know what they are going to spend that money on. you trying to
    help them may infact be hurting them if they have a drug or liquor problem.
    i tell her the best way to help homeless people is to either donate your
    time or to donate actual things they need. a can of food, a jacket, a warm
    blanket, or even a shirt goes alot further when it comes to helping the
    homeless then a few dollars does.

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