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10 Dark Stories Behind Children’s Toys

10 Dark Stories Behind Children’s Toys
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Talk about nostalgia killers. For this list, we’ll be looking at popular kids toys and the companies that produced them that have a dark chapter in their history. WatchMojo counts down the 10 Dark Stories Behind Children’s Toys That Will Ruin Your Childhood.

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10. Cabbage Patch Kids… Turned Cannibal?
9. Barbie & Ken Were Named After Siblings
8. Hannah Montana Went Toxic
7. Furby Was Suspected of Spying
6. Lisa Frank Inc. Was Reportedly a Terrible Work Environment
5. Adult Slap Bracelets
4. EasyBake Oven Burnt More Than Cakes

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  1. Click here for a very special and secret message:

  2. Those Furbies were creepy as hell. One would sing and dance and then invite the other one to do the same – which it did. My brother gave one of the furbies a “cold” so it was unable to learn anything new while it “recovered.” Sometimes you’d have to put them in dark spaces so they’d “sleep” and STFU.

  3. These are the top 10 lists that got me watching top 10 videos in the first place !

  4. Its a good thing i only had Hotwheels as a Kid

  5. Cabbage patch kids scared me lol

  6. I use to have Cabbage patch kids has a kid in the 80s I had with it a lot man the 80s had a lot of good toys then I was a kid I miss toys from the 80s now 😥 and I love your channel it is awesome on here big time and I love your videos on here a lot they are sooo good on here and keep up the hard work making your videos on here guys

  7. Sweet Home Alabama

  8. I love these kinds of videos. Who doesn’t like to ruin there childhood. Lol 💚

  9. I never had dall I play with guns😂

  10. I loved Lisa Frank merch as a kid. I had the little stuffed animals and coloring books. Hunter the leopard was my favorite.
    It’s honestly very sad and disturbing to hear about the working conditions of a company that made rainbow animal merchandise, like holy shit. It’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone. 😬

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