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10 Common Nightmares Explained

We all have nightmares, but what do they mean?

From losing teeth, being chased, or even visions of the dead, AllTime10s brings you 10 Common Nightmares Explained.

What did you think of 10 Common Nightmares Explained? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Two common themes in my dreams are: Screaming but not being able to make a
    sound (or running but barely moving). And my sister (who died about 5 years
    ago) doing something that pisses me off to no end (we used to fight a lot
    as kids, but as adults, we got along fine).

  2. I’m in a wheelchair irl and the only dreams I ever remember are of me
    trying to keep up with my surroundings as I walk and constantly have to
    stop to stretch my legs. Not a nightmare; this just made me think of it.

  3. i had a dream where i was fleying from a warrior on a horse in a weird

  4. Lizzy The Geeky Wonder

    The naked dreams I have had the most.

  5. I had dream that my brothers stealing my “girl of my life” 1 after another

  6. How about when everything’s on fire..

  7. what about the dreams where you consume human body parts? only happened
    once though

  8. Honestly as someone who remembers only three dreams throughout their life,
    it’s really interesting to see what people actually dream about.

  9. i dreamed that i got in a car accident and before i hit the other car time
    slowed down and i closed my eyes then i got the feeling of me choking in my
    own blood and coughing it up

  10. What happens when you die in a dream? ……few years later I’m not dead
    only my wallet died

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